Why I support Barack Obama in the US Presidential Elections

I support Barack Obama not because of any particular position or plan or promise. In fact, promises make me uncomfortable because I’ve seen the limits on presidential powers. Obama is not the only one who will have a voice when it comes to tax policies in the upcoming years.

I support Barack Obama because he has the spirit, strength, and understanding to guide us as in a nonzero direction as we participate in the formation of a global human society. In his book, Nonzero, Robert Wright argues that human history shows that new technologies permit new, richer forms of non-zero-sum interaction that lead to social structures that realize this potential, turning non-zero-sum situations into positive sums, embedding people in larger and richer webs of interdependence (p. 5-6). Nonzero: The Logic of Human DestinyNonzero cover

We are participating in the formation of a global web of interdependence. I believe that Barack Obama has the better understanding of the direction the world is moving, a better grasp on the impact of technology, and a greater ability to lead us as we face “tests of our moral imagination” (p. 9) that can lead to a world at “a new equilibrium at a level of organization higher than any past equilibrium.” He gives me hope.

The Audacity of HopeAudacity of Hope cover I also believe that Obama has the capacity to listen to many voices, respect people who do not agree with him, and search for tradeoffs that honor many interests. Here’s an example in the chapter called Values in his book, The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream. In the state of Illinois, he sponsored a bill to require videotaping of confessions and interrogations in capital cases.

“It would have been typical of today’s politics for each side to draw a line in the sand: for death penalty opponents to harp on racism and police misconduct and for law enforcement to suggest that my bill coddled criminals. Instead, over the course of several weeks, we convened sometimes daily meetings between prosecutors, public defenders, police organizations, and death penalty opponents, keeping our negotiations as much as possible out of the press.

Instead of focusing on the serious disagreements around the table, I talked about the common value that I believed everyone shared, regardless of how each of us might feel about the death penalty: that is, the basic principle that no innocent person should end up on death row, and that no person guilty of a capital offense should go free. … At the end of the process, the bill had the support of all the parties involved. It passed unanimously in the Illinois Senate and was signed into law.” pp. 58-59

I support thet man whose debate comments sometimes started with the words, “Here’s where I agree with Senator McCain…”



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5 responses to “Why I support Barack Obama in the US Presidential Elections

  1. Wanda Pirani

    You really should check Obama out more. He believes that the civil rights did not go far enough and that wealth should be spread around. Farms should be owned by goverment, housing and he is just so socalist and it am frighten by him. He is a marxist. I voted for him in the priamy but not now. I have had more time to read up on him and to watch him. I do not hate anyone, and I was married to a man from Pakistan, but Obama is so worried about the people that won’t get up off their ass and work.

  2. Kathryn


    I am interested in your concerns, but I wish you’d include links or pointers to where you see he believes that farms should be owned by the government. I don’t read everything he says or see every speech, but I’ve watched big chunks of the debates and heard a number of speeches. I can’t trace what you’re saying to anything I’ve seen. What sources have I missed?

    I honor your differences of opinion with me. I believe that it is healthy for a democracy to have many different points of view and conflicting opinions. One of the things I’ve watched in this election is how each side treats opposing opinions. I am put off by the suggestion by members of the McCain campaign that some people are “real Americans” with the implication that the rest of us are not.


  3. kim

    He is so intelligent, I think he gonna be a good president 😉

  4. Lee Nackman

    After eight years of “W”, this country is in a world of hurt. We must do what it takes to move this country away from arrogance and belligerence to civility and mutual respect. We need to replace the cynicism that so many of us and our young people feel with a belief that the US can once again be a beacon of light in the world, that we can be proud of our country’s behavior toward its own people and toward other nations. We need to take government back from the people who have been telling us that government is the problem and that we must reduce government, while, in actual fact they have expanded government and made it incompetent through ideology and willful mismanagement. Instead we need to understand that government made competent and used wisely and sparingly, can help us achieve the prosperity, security, and honor we all would wish for our country.

    No candidate is perfect and I don’t agree 100% with either candidate’s positions and program proposals. The specifics will evolve and change anyway through the pragmatics of getting legislation passed. What is important is that we have a president who will be respected — when is the last time any of your children spoke of the President with any respect? — will inspire people to work towards common and good goals (e.g., energy independence, not war) and is capable of marshaling a national consensus rather than a national paranoia. We need a president who respects us enough to explain his view of the future clearly and openly and who has the intellectual capacity to think deeply about complex issues and then boil them down into compelling ideas that we the people can understand and pursue together.

    Obama stands head and shoulders above McCain on all of these dimensions and, therefore, deserves our enthusiastic support.

  5. Hi Kathryn,

    Yes, Barack Obama is positive and not just for America but for the rest of the world that has been built on greed.

    I’m not religous but I remember the story of our Lord throwing the money lenders from the temple – a little (or perhaps a lot of that) is required in today’s modern world.

    We received a comment in from a blogger to our new blog spot and it contains some simple tips for a better life. I don’t know where she got it from or who we can credit but it’s contents should be spread, especially to the greedy few who destroy our world !

    Thank you, I enjoy your blogs, even though I have never contributed to them before now.



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