Podcast – An Interview about Applied Positive Psychology

Karel Vredenburg has been collecting a set of podcasts called, Life Habits: Learn habits to optimize your life and stay sane in this crazy world. Most of the podcasts are Karel himself talking about topics ranging from anger management to career strategies to dealing with technology.

Recently Karel interviewed me over Skype and has made the interview available as one of his podcasts:


I’m not sure what exactly I talked about, but I gave him this list of possible topics and we hit a lot of them.

  • Four Ways to Build Self-Efficacy
  • Gratitude at Work
  • Learned Optimism and Resilience
  • Celebrating Successes Effectively
  • Establishing the Conditions for Flow
  • Broaden and Build: The Power of Positive Emotions
  • Meaningful Work
  • Strategies for High-Quality Connections
  • Discovering and applying strengths

I invite you to listen in.


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