New Image Maps: Reader’s Guides to Positive Psychology

I’ve just finished a big project in my role as associate editor for Positive Psychology News Daily.

We have been running the site for about 18 months and have nearly 300 articles from more than 30 authors. The topics are a random jumble. Authors independently decide what to write about, perhaps based on questions they’ve faced in their work, perhaps based on talks they’ve heard or books they’ve read. I’ve chosen topics because the editor-in-chief has challenged me to write about something — once it was awe and elevation, another time it was meaning in life. Having many voices keeps the site lively and surprising. But it doesn’t really help people put pieces together when they want to explore one idea in particular. Articles on Hope or Gratitude or Strengths or Goals are scattered over the months.

With the help of Senia Maymin, the editor-in-chief, and my fellow associate editor, Timothy So, I came up with visual maps that show how the ideas relate and then link them to short articles about the different topics. These articles include brief introductions, followed by links to related PPND articles, followed by other resources — books, papers, YouTube clips, Web sites, names of prominent researchers, and links to Amazon for ordering books.

My first image map came out in June and I posted a brief description. Since then, I’ve drawn three additional maps, written new articles on 5 topics, and completely updated the 12 articles on Positive Emotion topics. So I invite you to drop in by clicking on the image below, click around, and explore what we hope will serve as a systematic reader’s guide.

Top level image map for positive psychology


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