Positive Emotion Image Map

I’ve been an active contributor to Positive Psychology News Daily (PPND) ever since it started. PPND is an online publication about positive psychology with regular articles by people who have gone through an applied positive psychology training program — the one at Penn and the one at East London University. We also occasionally have guest authors. The articles are based on positive psychology research, but they are also leavened with stories and suggestions for practical application.

I am now an associate editor of PPND, which means that I work in collaboration with the editor-in-chief, Senia Maymin and another associate editor, Timothy So, on ways to make the site more interesting and helpful to people. Now that we have nearly 300 articles, we concluded it would be good to create some guides to help people find their way to topics that particularly interest them or that correspond to whatever concerns they have on their minds right now.

I created the first of such guides, an image map for Positive Emotions. It’s a picture akin to a mind map for various topics that comprise Positive Emotions where each topic in the image is a link to a short description, a list of related PPND articles, and a list of other resources for those who want to dig deeper. Positive Emotion Image Map

We have plans for other image maps — e.g., Positive Actions, Positive Attributes, Relationships. This first image map certainly does not exhaust the space. But we would really like feedback as we go to be sure we’re creating something that people find useful.

Post comments here or there if you have suggestions, complaints, or kudos. Thanks!



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