The Stuff Friendship is Made Of

I just returned from visiting one of my college roommates. When she introduced me to her colleagues at a staff luncheon on Tuesday, she said that we are closer friends now than we were then. That statement gave me a jolt, but then I realized how true it is.

What is friendship?

As years pile up, so does shared experience. We’ve both been married to introverts so we’ve done some creative adjusting. Her husband is one of my favorite people, but she hasn’t seen mine in a long time. We’ve raised 4 children between us, so we’ve both been properly humbled. We’ve both worked out adult responses to the broken families of our childhoods. We’ve given up dreams that wouldn’t work. We’ve gotten stuck in our jobs and found ways to break logjams. So we’ve faced many challenges between us, some of them very difficult.

We’ve done each other so many favors that there is no keeping books. She helped me overcome my fear of horseback riding. I winkled her away from her family for a trip to Bora Bora.

Bora Bora view

View from Catamaran Ocelot

We can talk about anything, which doesn’t mean we always agree. We still surprise each other.

We know how to savor experience together.


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