Harvesting face pictures: A random walk through my photos

Every day I get numerous bursts of small pleasures from the Google desktop photo gadget that cycles through pictures on my computer showing a new one every 10 seconds or so. In the corner of my eye, the pictures appear. Many I ignore, but many give me a small rush.

I particularly like pictures of people’s faces, and I’ve figured out a way to enlarge my collection. If a group scene comes up with many people in it, I’ll doubleclick on it so it comes up my picture editor. Then I’ll crop out one of the faces and save it as its own picture. I might do this two or three times during the day. I have found that faces look quite different without the distraction of the context. The joy or pleasure or interest in the face is much more apparent. A couple of friends lent me a CD of pictures of their trip to China. After I’d been doing this a few months as their pictures came through the cycle, I sent them the pictures of their faces that I’d harvested. One commented that the pictures helped him remember just how much pleasure and joy he’d experienced on the trip.

Three Sugg Children Three Generations at GraduationTo illustrate, the pictures of my face in the banner are cropped out of these two pictures. It makes a difference to separate the faces from the context, doesn’t it!


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