Finding good stories in strange places

When I went down to ride my exercise bicycle last night, I saw a magazine on the floor open to an article titled Coaching the Grief-Stricken. Since I’m a professional coach, I thought, Hmm, sounds interesting. When I leaned over to pick it up, I found it was in my son’s Sports Illustrated, an article about men who had lost sons receiving comfort from each other.

So I’m adding it to my own collection of good stories by posting the link here, since I know the magazine will get lost in the maelstrom of paper in my house.

Primer in Positive Psychology
As Chris Peterson, author of A Primer in Positive Psychology, kept reminding us during the MAPP program, “Other people matter.” In fact, on page 249 of his primer he calls it the three-word summary of positive psychology.
Chris Peterson

A quick story about Chris: Every presentation he made to us had at least one picture of a baby in it. Chris searched the internet for exceptional baby pictures, and one time picked up a computer virus from one of the sites. That did not stop him from continuing to find new babies to illustrate whatever point he had in mind — including research techniques.


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